Shouhardo Foundation

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Founded in 2015, Shouhardo Foundation has been trying to improve the livelihood of the people of Dhaka who are at the bottom of the pyramid.

How You Can Get Involved

Call 01534-108323 to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Volunteer Program

Shouhardo Foundation mostly works with the permanent projects. But in some cases we need volunteers who can be energetic and selfless to take part in social works.
We require on demand volunteers for our floating projects like distributing warm clothes to the people who need, medical support to flood affected people, providing foods before eid and for eid.

Sponsor Program

Right now Shouhardo Foundation is more focused on their projects and but if anyone come up with any idea to help someone then we always encourage to support and we try to help from our end. One of our major sponsored program was “Own Home Own Hospital Corona Free Bangladesh” where Shouhardo Foundation was one of the key sponsor.

Charity Fund

Yearly, we do some charity programs and we collect funds from the people who wish to be engaged with charitable work.  

What We Do

The essence of Shouhardo Foundation is to stand in the shadow of the neglected people. As much as possible to keep the poor neglected people alive by showing a little light of hope. We are constantly working to facilitate the education of poor students, including the monthly allowances of many
elderly people. We also have an old age home ” khola Janala Briddho Nibash” near Dhaka.

Our Story

Shouhardo Foundation is the fruit of the continued efforts of some people to stand by the people and to capitalize on the provisions of the Creator. Initially, a pilot project was started with 50 children deprived of the light of education and 50 neglected senior citizens. Gradually, the organization is working with the aim of enlightening all the deprived children of the society in the light of education and giving respect and service to the neglected elderly people like parents.

Shouhardo Foundation has done a lot of social work so far, including Khola janala briddhonibash, free health camps in 4 districts to deal with corona, Monthly allowance for the elderly and students, distribution of winter clothes etc.

Shouhardo Foundation is determined to work on more projects in future. with all of your help we can make a better bangladesh. 

Ongoing Programs

Currently we are working with 4 permanent projects. And we have few floating or demand projects too.

Old Age Allowance

we have currently 31 old age people who get mostly allowances from Shouhardo Foundation. Mostly they are from dhaka, some of them belong to outside of dhaka. we only two to help with our little portion of contribution. to do it in large scale we need your support. Donate today to become a part of our project.

Student Allounces:

Almost 50 students get mostly allowances from us., From school students to college/university students. now you can be a part of us by taking the responsibility at least one student. 
Want to be a part of our project? check donation section.

Old Home

we have our old in Nabinagar, Savar where we have old people that needs our support. We take care of them by giving them shelter, food with healthcare service. “ Khola Janala Briddhonibash” is powered by Shouhardo Foundation.

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Self Reliant Women-hood

Often we come across many women who want to be self-sufficient, they may not be able to because of lack of opportunity. We are by the side of those brave women. In this initiative to make them self-reliant, we sometimes buy sewing machines, sometimes giving them the opportunity to learn a certain job. We welcome you to come forward to make it even more successful to help them brave women.  

Become a Volunteer Today

If you are interested to become a volunteer of Shouhardo Foundation

Email at Or visit our office at 52 Central Road, Dhanmondi Dhaka-1209

Join Now

Donate To Help

Donate today to help people around the Bangladesh who needs your support to grow. 

Helping Children All Over Bangladesh

We have more than 150 students till now who gets monthly donation for their study. We check their results after every exams. 

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52 Central Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka,1209.

Call Us: 01534-108323