About Us

What We Do

The essence of Shouhardo Foundation is to stand in the shadow of the neglected people. As much as possible to keep the poor neglected people alive by showing a little light of hope. We are constantly working to facilitate the education of poor students, including the monthly allowances of many elderly people. We also have an old age home “khola Janala Briddho Nibash” near Dhaka.

Our Story

Shouhardo Foundation is the fruit of the continued efforts of some people to stand by the people and to capitalize on the provisions of the Creator. Initially, a pilot project was started with 50 children deprived of the light of education and 50 neglected senior citizens. Gradually, the organization is working with the aim of enlightening all the deprived children of the society in the light of education and giving respect and service to the neglected elderly people like parents.

Shouhardo Foundation has done a lot of social work so far, including Khola janala briddhonibash, free health camps in 4 districts to deal with corona, Monthly allowance for the elderly and students, distribution of winter clothes etc.

Shouhardo Foundation is determined to work on more projects in future. with all of your help we can make a better Bangladesh.

Our Mission

To stick with our goals, to flourish them & to make them smile.

Our Vision

We have few plans among them one of the project is to build school for students, helping women to become self reliant.

How We Got Started

Back in 2015 Our President Minhaj Hasnin came up with the idea of starting Shouhardo Foundation just to improve the life of poor people as much as she can. Later on Some of her friends and collogue joined along with her to make this happen and from that one day they did not stop.

Where We Are Now

After working few projects we built shouhardo foundation fot the betterment of people life. Right now we have 4 permanent projects, One our very own Old Home and some other projects. We have worked with some renowned foundation like Jagoo.

Saving Lives & Building Families Since 2015


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