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How You Can Get Involved

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Volunteer Program

Shouhardo Foundation mostly works with the permanent projects. But in some cases we need volunteers who can be energetic and selfless to take part in social works. We require on demand volunteers for our floating projects like distributing warm clothes to the people who need, medical support to flood affected people, providing foods before eid and for eid.

Sponsor Program

Right now Shouhardo Foundation is more focused on their projects and but if anyone come up with any idea to help someone then we always encourage to support and we try to help from our end. One of our major sponsored program was “Own Home Own Hospital Corona Free Bangladesh” where Shouhardo Foundation was one of the key sponsor.

Charity Fund

Yearly, we do some charity programs and we collect funds from the people who wish to be engaged with charitable work.

Giving Options

Choose a Specific Fund or Cause

We have few permamnet projects. Choose any of the cause to donate.

Give a One-Time Gift

One time gift may help an individual to continue with their dreams. You can buy someone a sewing machine, a rickshaw, you can help someone to build their house.

Popular Funds

Students Fund

This project helps local poor students with their study.

Specific Project Fund

We have few floating projects around the year. You can simply donate to be a part of this project. Warm clothes distribution, medicines and foods for flood affected people, celebrating Eid with helpless people by providing them food and new clothes.

Old Home

Our very own old home is in Savar Nabinagar. We provide them free treatment, accommodations, foods. Donate today to become a part of Shouhardo Old Home.

About Your Donations: Where & How They are Used

Your Donation is safe with us, your donation is using properly for the right cause. Your donation is helping old people, students, using for old home, orphanage, buying people clothes and on so many other projects.

Where to Give

All Over Bangladesh. Be a part of us and lets help as much as we can. We assure you that we will use your donation in right way.

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