How We Help

Shouhrdo Foundation, currently working with 4 permanent projects and some floating projects.
Our services are mostly to donate monthly allowances for making the life little bit better. Warm clothe distribution during winter, foods and medicine donaiton during flood, working with the poor people and sending goodies before eid.

Ongoing Programs

Currently we are working with 4 permanent projects. And we have few floating or demand projects too.

1. Old Age Allowance

We have currently 31 old age people who get mostly allowances from Shouhardo Foundation. Mostly they are from Dhaka, some of them belong to outside of Dhaka. we only two to help with our little portion of contribution. to do it in large scale we need your support. Donate today to become a part of our project.

2. Student Allowances

Almost 50 students get mostly allowances from us., From school students to college/university students. now you can be a part of us by taking the responsibility at least one student. Want to be a part of our project? check donation section.

3. Old Home

We have our old in Nabinagar, Savar where we have old people that needs our support. We take care of them by giving them shelter, food with healthcare service. “ Khola Janala Briddhonibash” is powered by Shouhardo Foundation.

4. Self Reliant Women-hood

Often we come across many women who want to be self-sufficient, they may not be able to because of lack of opportunity. We are by the side of those brave women. In this initiative to make them self-reliant, we sometimes buy sewing machines, sometimes giving them the opportunity to learn a certain job. We welcome you to come forward to make it even more successful to help them brave women.

Helping Women All Over the Bangladesh

Shouhardo Foundation is working tirelessly to helping women and make them self-reliant. The helpless women of the country will also stand by us by earning and can take part of improving country’s economy.  So you too come forward. Let’s join hands in the project to make women self-reliant

Helping Children All Over Bangladesh

We have more than 150 students till now who gets monthly donation for their study. We check their results after every exams.

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